We’re a modern digital agency specializing in websites, design, branding, and marketing.

Our goal is to be a one stop shop for business owners like you who need help managing or starting the online side of their business.

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At Purple and Bold, we provide custom-tailored digital solutions to businesses, offering personalized services and products as though we are an in-house team, and we obsess over the future success of our clients. We first focus on establishing a strong connection and understanding of our client's business and goals, with this we gain an advantage over our competition. We are able to create all aspects of a successful modern business from the ground up, with a website that converts, a striking and memorable logo, a brand that speaks to your audience, and a digital presence that drives leads. Our approach offers clients an immense advantage over their competition, allowing them to gain the benefits of an in-house development, design, and marketing team without the overhead.


We offer every service necessary to get your busines to the next level, quickly. Or, if you’re thinking of starting a new business, we will help you get started the right way and get off the ground in no time. We love talking to people about their current business or future endeavors and explaining to them what we do and how we help, contact us today and let’s start the conversation.


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Custom Web Development

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We love to write about what makes us happy — growing businesses. Our main goal is always to create concise, informative, and ultimately useful information to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. If you have a minute, check out some of the posts, you’ll probably find something helpful to you.

Analytics in Websites

Learn what analytics are, how to use analytics, and why analytics are important to your business' success

Quinn Myers,   February 03, 2019

See What People Are Saying About Us

Purple and Bold worked on my personal art website, which means that I had to deliver many visual assets. Quinn was patient with me, and had good solutions to any questions I had. I am so excited to finally have a website of my own that is linked to all my other profiles and will serve as a good place to start my business.

photo of Dima Duchet
Dima Duchet

Artist, Art Lead

Purple and Bold gave me exactly what I imagined. Cole patiently walked me through the ins and outs of "websitery," helping me to navigate a heretofore unknown territory. Arranging my plays, books, and music into a cohesive and visually compelling format was no small feat, yet, he did it. Instead of being intimidated by cyberspace, I'm infatuated and enthralled!.

photo of Patricia York
Patricia York


Purple and Bold has made me a website that really helps me get in front of buyers and sellers. I am confident when I send people a link to my website or hand them a business card, knowing that my website functions perfectly and looks stunning.

photo of Jared Bonnell
Jared Bonnell

Broker/Owner, One Commercial



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